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Mama’s Sweet Angel

Dear Little Light of Mine Mama posted this image and note on my Facebook wall today:

“Our new home may still have unpacked boxes everywhere, but this being hung in our living room makes it complete. Happy Valentines Day my sweet angel. A holiday you didn’t stick around for but you will always change the way your dad and I celebrate it. A special thank you to Sheri Kendrick and Little Light of Mine photography for capturing this moment on a beautiful canvas that brings me to tears and fills my heart with joy every time I look at it. That little smile and those big bright eyes looking up at me tell me all I need to know- that you were so in love with your mommy and were proud of the way I fought to protect you. Those moments in my arms will always be cherished. I’m so thankful for this beautiful moment captured by Sheri.” ~ Angela O.

This, of course, is bittersweet. I remember this day that I was invited in to photograph baby Isaac and his mama, and I will cherish that day forever. Isaac was just so full of love and adoration for his mama, and the love and adoration was poured back onto this sweet child. The love that filled this room is a love so rare; it was sacred space. Sadly, Isaac became an angel a few months after this photograph was taken, which makes this image and the experience of meeting Isaac even more profound to me.

How appropriate to remember this moment on a day the world celebrates love. XOXO to you both.

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