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Josiah’s Journey

Meet Josiah, and his mama, Theadosha.

I recently photographed them at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Theadosha Bell learned during her pregnancy that her son, Josiah, had severe heart defects and would need a series of surgeries in order to survive. Josiah’s first surgery was only 3 days after he was born. She describes the experience as stressful, scary and draining. She said equipment alarms went off all day and all night. She worries all day, every day, what is next for her baby boy.

Her love and devotion were so evident. I am always amazed and inspired by the parents I meet through this work. It is a joy and a privilege to meet these families and be able to provide them with professional portraits that document their journey.

Theadosha said she was overcome with emotions when she received her images. “I love the photos because they are our story. They are his testimony of the hard life he has already lived and how strong he is.”

Thank you so much, Theadosha, for sharing your little one with me.

“Sheri was very sweet and comforting. She made me realize through her work that this is our life and we should embrace the experience.”

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