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We received a request from Melissa, new grandmother to baby Aubri, for photos in the NICU at Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hosptial. She knew of LLOM through social media and mutual connections in the community, but never knew she would need to request this service for her own family. Baby Aubri was born with Neonatal Jejunal Atresia, which is a very rare disease, as well as “short gut syndrome”. She underwent her first surgery at two days of age, which led to life threatening complications and additional surgeries. With this diagnosis, her prognosis can change day to day, and she isn’t expected to leave the NICU for many months.

While living in the NICU, her mommy Hilary is there every day and daddy Joey is there every evening after work. They are sacrificing financially to ensure that Aubri has a parent with her each day. Visits from extended family and friends have to be limited to protect her immune system, so the days can be lonely. Nevertheless, her family celebrates small victories like passing gas and Aubri’s developmental milestones. She has a curious nature and often shows her strong character.

Melissa shared this about their photo session: “Sheri was able to make a painful and difficult situation pleasant and relaxing. She was patient and understanding and the end result speaks for itself. The photos are breathtaking. Even with the hospital setting, they turned out beautifully. You don’t focus on the tubes or lack of fancy clothes, it is about the love being shared and captured at that moment in time…she did an amazing job working around the tubes and ostomy bag changes, leaks and crying. The photos are a powerful reminder that love conquers all. That life and family matter and that there is still good in the world.”

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